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Yes, there really is someone who is willing to clean and organize your messy garage or shed! Try not to make sense of it, just roll with it because it’s true. Your next thought may be something like; he must have an incredibly clean and organized garage or shed himself? WRONG! Actually, it was my messy and unorganized garage that inspired me to start this business (that and my loving wife bugging me relentlessly to clean it). So, I woke up one morning and thought to myself, “Rick, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hire someone to come over and clean your garage for you, and then keep it clean month after month?” Moments later, Garage Butlers was born! After all, if I wanted someone to help me, I am sure there are others out there who feel the same way.

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Hello there, my name is Ricky Newberry, Owner and Head Butler of Garage Butlers and Dumpster Butlers (you can find out what Dumpster Butlers is on my other website). I am a Peoria resident, a public servant for nearly 30 years and 26 years as a Phoenix Police Officer. Most of my career I’ve served on a motorcycle, and if all goes well, I will retire a “motor” real soon. Needless to say, in my professional and successful career as a police officer, my top mission was to provide the best service I could to the citizens I served. This service-oriented mentality is a major part of who I am, and this is how I will serve as a small business owner; this is how I will grow my business. My moto is; “Customer Always First” or C.A.F. for short (yeah, I know it’s dumb, but I have nothing else going right now).

Now you’re asking the next obvious question; will Garage Butlers really service my garage or shed in the middle of the summer? Maybe my time in the intense heat of our Arizona summers, wearing a motorcycle helmet all day for so many years has fried my brain, but the answer is, Yes! Let’s face it folks, with all the comings and goings you do over the summer, your garages and sheds look their worst, and the remainder of the year isn’t far behind. Blame that on the heat as well. Garage Butlers will come out anytime during our two Arizona seasons (hot and cold), to clean and maintain your garage or shed.

Imagine to yourself how nice it could be to enter your garage, and instead of seeing an unorganized mess, there’s a well cleaned and organized space. I’m not just talking about once a year, but all year round! Floors moped, items organized and put away, and your shelves or cabinets dusted and clean. Then, depending on the service, your garage floor power sprayed regularly! STOP THE MADNESS!! If you want, I will even paint your garage walls.

You know that debris blows into your garage when you lift the garage door, as well as what is brought into the garage with your car tires (that is, if you have room to park your vehicle). You then track that debris into your home just from walking to and from your garage. The grime that gets tracked into your house can be greatly minimized due to Garage Butlers cleaning your garage floor thoroughly and regularly. Don’t even get me started with the amount of damage your vehicles suffer due to sitting in the sun every day. You can have room to park in your garage, where it is not only safe from the elements, but thefts as well.

The fact is- I want your business, and I am willing to earn it. Whether you’re going to be living in your home for years to come, or you are planning on selling soon and you want to put your home over the top with a great looking garage; let Garage Butlers help you make your garage a place you can be proud of.

Why Choose Us?

We transform a cluttered garage and/or shed into a clean and well-organized space through our 3-step Cleaning, Organizing, and Trash removing process.  Call us for a FREE quote, and receive a 100% satisfied guarantee, or your next visit is FREE!
▪ You want to deal with a specialist that can clean and organize your garage or shed FAST.
▪ You want to eliminate the PAIN in your legs, arms & back that comes from cleaning and maintaining your garage or shed.
▪ You want to deal with garage cleaning specialists you can TRUST to do the job RIGHT.
▪ You want a CLEAN & ORGANIZED GUARANTEE and know that the company will stand behind it 110%.
▪ You want to pay a FAIR PRICE for a clean garage or shed and not a penny more.
▪ You want to know that, if you ever do have a problem…or even a question…the answer is ONE PHONE CALL away.

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Having the much needed room in your garage allows you to protect your valuable property, by allowing you to park your vehicle inside, or placing your tools into the shed.