Value of Garage Butlers Cleaning Services 

Top reasons to hire us to clean your garage

Enjoy your day off

Instead of spending your precious time laboring in your garage, let Garage Butlers do it for you.

Cleaning the garage & shed is a pain

Everything looks and feels better when its clean and organized. Your garage and/or storage shed are no exception!

Staying organized is valuable

Some of the daily struggles many homeowners face each time they open their garage or shed doors are misplaced or unorganized items, making projects more difficult.

Better utilization of your space

Having the much needed room in your garage allows you to protect your valuable property, by allowing you to park your vehicle inside, or placing your tools into the shed.

Premium Package

We can do it because we are experts in cleaning


 Standard Clean

Chances are unless you are very lucky you will. You may take on board.


Premium Clean

Here are a few helpful suggestions that you may take on board, and below.


Deep Clean

Here are a few helpful suggestions that you may take on board, and below.


Monthly Service 2-Car Garage $39.95/mo (+shed $49.95/mo).
3-Car Garage $49.95/mo of (+shed $59.95/mo). Shed only $29.95/mo

1. Our garage cleaning team will take all items off the floor for easier floor cleaning, we will then make sure to detail all the small areas where the hardest dirt and bugs hide.
2. Remove all items from the floor area of the garage only and place onto the driveway (does not include trash bags, closets, cabinets or shelves) mop, remove stains and deodorize of garage floor. Sweep and dust the interior of the garage only, all as needed and necessary bring back items into the garage (as per customer instruction) and place in “like by like” categories ie: sporting goods with sporting goods, lawn and garden with lawn and garden, etc.
3. After the detailed clean-up, we will maintain the organization of your garage by placing all items back to their place.
4. Maintain the outdoor shed as listed above if applicable.

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